OCTOBER 12, 2020

SEED EVOLUTION- mobile renegade art pop-up driving across swing states to turn up the vote.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York, NY - In the countdown to election day, a non-partisan collective of 5 filmmakers, artists and activists from around the world, are launching an East Coast public art pilot with socially distant pop-up events across America, SEED EVOLUTION to ignite hope and unity.

“Our inspiration to undertake this journey at this time, during the pandemic and in this political environment, is to shine a light on visions of the future. This is a global collaborative art project to share the dreams of the people, to remind the world that it is THE PEOPLE who have the power.” says Lilly White, head of Public Strategy.

The team: Bryan Martinez, Angela del Sol Varela, Lilly White, Oliver Correa and Rhys Valmonte

Driving from New York to Florida through ten key swing state cities along the East Coast, Seed Evolution will host public art soapboxes and produce large-scale architectural art and film projections at public parks and cultural institutions. Seed Evolution encourages people to illuminate the world around them, projecting their expressions of what they want to see for their future and the future generations and by making a stage for spoken word theatre, spoken word educational workshops, musicians, poetry and art installations!

Seed Bus, the modular 40ft bus the team will be living in and driving across the east coast

Traveling by bus, Seed Evolution will bring the Barat Foundation’s iconic Animodules - 8ft wooden sculptures hand painted by underserved youths, as a public pop-up and to encourage community engagement.The Barat Foundation is an NGO founded in 1997 focused on art as a catalyst for social healing and maximizing artistic and intellectual achievement of underrepresented youth.

The project seeks to amplify stories of people in those regions and share them online. Using the hashtag #SEEDEVOLUTION, people can share art, pictures, poetry or short films of what they want to see in the future. These will then be displayed as part of the pop-up renegade gallery across the cities they visit.

“Young people, particularly from marginalized communities, perceive their beliefs and dreams as meaningless because that’s the message they hear in the media. This project is here to reignite the seeds of hope and get young people to believe in a better future for themselves and our planet.” - Angela Del Sol, Creative Director 

Wherever we go, we #seedevolution by gathering community voices, offering a microphone and a projector to share their visions and dreams for the future. This will be captured and shared through social media and in a long-form documentary. Seed Evolution will also provide collaborative educational toolkits to grow and nourish these seeds. 

“I’m doing this project because Seed Evolution aligns with my life mission — to co-create positive impact and uplift a billion people in my lifetime. Film is a powerful tool to talk about social justice because its a medium that evokes deep emotions and insight which give space to reflect and imagine possibilities.” - says filmmaker Rhys Valmonte

All events held in physical spaces will follow strict COVID19 protocols. A documentary will be made from this journey.

About the Seed Evolution Tour 

Ten “SEEDS” will be colorfully made by local artists in 10 different cities along the U.S East Coast and later will be auctioned and donated to local communities.  Activations will be centered around our modular 40ft bus driven to battleground cities across the East coast. The bus is fitted with a roof platform to host socially distanced speakers, teach-ins, and performances.

Watch their Gofund.me campaign.