Seed Evolution is a network of artists, activists, thinkers, and leaders co-creating a platform to share and support their visions or “seeds” for the future while participating in regeneration efforts in their communities and around the world. We do this to empower the creative potential of all humans and reimagine solutions to the current environmental challenges we face.









This winter we start the planting portion of our tour and have a goal of planting 2000 trees in South America.

This February we are planting 2000 trees in the Sacred Valley of Peru and 1000 trees in the ancient land of La Sierra Nevada in Colombia. We believe in not only imagining a new beautiful world, but actively seeding the evolution into the ground by supporting local reforestation projects around the world. 



One bus, ten cities, two weeks before elections. Pop-up screenings and public art activations from New York to Miami...during a global pandemic! Who, how and why?

Seed Evolution was launched just weeks ago after a collective of 5 artivists from around the world decided to get on a 40ft bus and travel down the East Coast to ignite hope and unity within communities.

The  2020 elections were weighing heavy on the hearts of many, so we traveled across the states to provide ease and grace during such crucial times.


By using art as our tool to educate, entertain, and engage the people around the issues we all face on the planet, we were able to not only capture the pain and the dreams of these communities but also provide a stage to amplify their voice and vision for a brighter future. Our intention was to inspire and uplift traditionally underrepresented demographics and weave a network of dreamers into a world of possibility.

While a seed is small, it's potential is infinite, as long as its environment is nurtured.


Your voice and vision are the seeds that help contribute to a collective desire towards change and evolution.



1. Seed Evolution

What does the future look like? 

What do you wish to see more in the world? 

What does our nation need more of?

Submit your “SEEDS” here.

These can be photos, films, art, paintings, drawings, sounds, poetry, dance and any other medium that is true to you OR inspires you! On instagram and twitter you can #seedevolution share your visions of the future. Each post is a seed, and by sharing it you are planting that seed and creating change. 

We will then display your creations on our projector as part of our portable gallery that is touring cities around the world.

2. Spread the word

Tell your friends about #SEEDEVOLUTION and how they can participate.


Encourage them to plant their own seed. Share with your family, friends, teachers and thought leaders.


Ask them. What do they care about. What do they want to see grow in their planets and communities. We want to create a map with all of our collective seeds of hope.


3. Donate

We are currently raising funds to support our travelling gallery which will arrive in Florida by Election Day 2020 to generate political engagement along the way.


Hit the buttons below to donate! 

Couldn't be there?

Check out our Brooklyn launch event from October 17th, 2020.


We are looking for partnerships that are aligned with our values of radical climate action, social responsibility, and inclusivity.


If your brand feels aligned drop us an email at



We encourage the neighborhoods we visit to share their visions of the future rooted in love, inclusivity, respect and regeneration.


We offer socially distant immersive art experiences and a digital safe space to share their seeds of hope.


We aim to inspire and activate ideals of where we go from here. What does the future look like?

 We are here to amplify the voice of the people!

Share your visions or “seeds” for the future tagging #SEEDEVOLUTION